Countdown to Christmas








BethAltreeOur Mission

The DiVencenzo Family Tree Farm’s aim is to create a lasting family tradition of celebrating Christmas year after year with a real Christmas Tree. The DiVencenzo Family Tree Farm is a family run operation with the goal to serve your family. Our farm fresh trees are locally grown to provide you with the freshest product possible. Every product we offer to you has been touched by a member of the DiVenzenzo Family to ensure that every item you receive is of the best quality from our family to yours.

Divi Christmas Farm

DiVencenzo Christmas Tree Farm

Scholarship Forest


We here at the DiVencenzo Family Tree Farm are proud of our Scholarship Forest Program. A portion of each trees price goes to support local school district’s endowment funds as well as a local public library’s endowment fund.

Read More About Our Scholarship Forest Here

Operation Evergreen


Operations Evergreen provides trees to our Military Service Personnel overseas. Annually the DiVencenzo Family Tree Farm provides trees for our troops for Operation Evergreen. This year the Knights of Columbus Vincent Cappadanno Assembly helped send off two trees, for Operation Evergreen.  Thank you to the men and women serving our country.